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Choosing The Right Carpet Pad

Many homeowners normally have carpets in their homes.When choosing a carpet, people spend more time on the choice of flooring and make quick decisions regarding the padding. A carpet pad or cushion is what is installed underneath the floor. It plays an important role in the durability and longevity of the floor. Most people often assume that the role of a carpet pad is to create an additional comfort when walking. The real task of a carpet pad is to absorb the impact that comes from foot traffic.

You will realize that these carpet pads normally come in different types, densities and thickness. Their density and thickness determines their resilience and better performance. Before choosing a specific pad, it is important that you know a few things. You need to think about where you will be using the carpet pad before buying it. Is that area a high traffic zone or not? If there is someone who will require to use a wheelchair, will he or she be moving over this area regularly? If he or she will be moving over this area regularly, a spongy layer will inconvenience them. If you have children who will be playing in this area, it is important that you choose a thicker pad so that your children can be comfortable.

There are a number of different types of pads available in the market. Some of them include:

1. Waffle rubbersafest-rug-pads-for-hardwood-floors

This was once a popular carpet padding. However, this is not the case. It does not offer the carpet backing much support. This usually causes the carpet backing to crack. However it is an inexpensive option and will work well if you plan on making use of it for a short time.

2. Urethane foam

This usually comes in two types. This type of pad makes your carpet feel very soft and comfortable due to the air pockets created by the rubber. You will realize that this type of carpet pad is best suited for areas where there will not be a lot of traffic in and out.

3. Flat rubberrubber-grip-surface

You will realize that this is a more expensive carpet pad. Due to its high price tag, this type of carpet pad is commonly used in  a commercial setting. However, as a homeowner, you can invest in this type of carpet pad. It will benefit your carpet a great deal.

4. Bonded urethane

It is one of the the most popular types of carpet padding. It is normally created by combining shredded pieces of high density urethane foam from furniture and automotive industries. It made of recycled materials. It works well in most situations, as long as you do not choose a carpet pad that is too thick. You will realize that opting for this type of pad is not only functional but is also a great way of preserving our environment.

The durabilty of a carpet depends on the cushion underneath absorbing all the impact that the carpet deals with every day. Choose the right carpet pad and your carpet will last longer.

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Tips on the Upkeep of Rug Pads

If the rug pads are being used in the kitchen and bathroom areas of home, they are most likely to get dirty and moist most of the time as they are more in usage. In the kitchen, the rug pads are more prone to oil spills and the bathroom rug pads could easily get wet.
It is important to keep the rug pads clean and they should be checked on regular basis. Some of the rugs are made of such fabrics that when they get dirty, they attract more dust particles towards them. This would affect the rug pads underneath getting dusty too.
rug-pad-8Rug pads must be placed under the rugs in order to avoid people from slipping and keeping the area soft. It provides cushioning to the rug. Sunlight could cause the colors of the rug to fade so you should keep rotating the rug from one position to another after a period of time.
It is better to vacuum the rugs regularly as it also helps to keep the rug pads clean and last longer. Some rug pads which are made up of plastic or rubber material, if not cleaned or moved for a very long time could even stick to the flooring. It is always better to take advice from the salesperson so that you should know which type of rug pad will be suitable with the flooring of your house.
If you need to store or move the rug pad, it could be folded or rolled up and placed in a plastic bag sprayed with an insecticide suitable for the fibers the rug pad contains. While reusing, when you’ll unfold the sheet and walk on it, the creases will disappear.
In order to remove stains of beer, oil spill, coffee, colors, furniture dye, ketchup, ice-creams, tea and other stuff, you can now make an easy solution at home and keep it for cleaning of the rug and rug pads. All you need is one teaspoon of detergent (dishwashing or laundry) mixed with one teaspoon of white vinegar in a quarter cup of water. You can use a piece of damp cloth or paper towel dipped in the solution and rub it on the stain towards the direction of pile. The stain will be gone in no time.
Dry foam cleaners are also available and they are applied to the rug, even those with thick rug pads, as a foamy mixture and is vacuumed afterwards when the solution gets dry. Dry powder cleaners are sprinkled on the rug pads and they absorb all the dust particles in them. They could also be vacuum cleaned after a while.
It is always important to check the precautions before selecting a cleaning material for the rug pads because some chemicals might react with the materials used in the rug pads and might not be suitable for thick rug pads.

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Tips for cleaning wool rugs

Cleaning a wool rug is, in many ways, easier than cleaning your regular synthetic rug, because wool offers natural resistance towards dirt and stains. However, you also can’t use any method you can think of XR90100203WH-01to clean your rug, as the results will go from aggravating the situation to utterly ruining the carpet. Wool carpets tend to cost a bit more because their longevity makes them an investment, so why ruin this investment through improper care? Even if you don’t dream of once passing on your wool rug to a younger generation, you are still responsible for maintaing its vitality and ensuring its life expectancy isn’t cut back a hundredfold. Yes, wool rugs are very hard to catch fire because of wool’s naturally resistant fibers. Once a fire reaches them, it is immediately extinguished. Does this mean you should carelessly drop things containing fire or embers such as cigarettes, lighters or matches onto the rug? No, because it can leave a mark and is generally not a nice thing to do. Sure, wool resists moisture the same way, and when liquid falls into a wool rug, it isn’t absorbed for a time. Doesn’t mean we should spill our drink over the wool carpet and think it will take care of itself, does it? Instead, we should look to act as quickly as we can, before the fibers get soaked in a liquid, and use a water-vinegar mixture to remove the spill. This does not mean scrubbing –endless stains are caused by misinformed carpet owners scrubbing the stain in like there’s no tomorrow when they’re supposed to blot instead. Check any and all documentation for your rug, including the cleaning instructions. They will often give you an idea of what you shouldn’t use while cleaning your wool rug. Chemical cleaning agents, in particular ones containing alkaline, are almost universally a bad choice for wool rugs because they can damage the fibers and stain the carpet, possibly even more than a regular spill would. This is why it’s best to follow a method of cleaning you’ve thought through, basic but not simple. After you have gotten rid of all the dust and dirt through a combination of shaking and vacuuming, you can sponge the rug gently with a mixture of soap and water. If the carpet is a big mess, you might want to precede this step by hosing the rug down thoroughly. Once done sponging, rinse it with water well, not letting any soap stick with the rug. From there it’s all about drying the rug as quickly as possible. If it’s sunny outside, your best bet is to leave the carpet out to dry. If it’s not, pay extra attention to wringing and squeezing the carpet for liquid, and throw in some gentle towel wiping to really make sure no moisture is left. Never go against the instructions provided by the rug manufacturer, as that will often damage the rug on top of voiding your warranty. Keep your wool rug as clean as a sheep would its wool, and it will serve you just as faithfully.