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Choosing a quiet enough room as the baby’s room

nursery-decorating-ideas-baby-room-designs-1Babies need a lot of peace and quiet at all times of the day in order to develop properly and have access to undisturbed sleep. In particular, since babies sleep so much, it’s of vital importance to minimize exposure to anything that might disturb their rest as it will not only put the baby in distress but also mean that you will have to abandon whatever you might be doing in order to lull it back to sleep.
This means that you need to pay close attention to which room in your house or apartment will end up being chosen as the baby’s room. Not all of us have houses with a great many rooms to choose from, but that doesn’t mean we should disregard noise when choosing which room to use as a baby’s room. In fact, if you live in a smaller home, don’t be afraid to repurpose an existing room as a baby’s room, even one that you were previously using – this is all part of the baby’s room decor.
Look to avoid any rooms that are exposed to sources of noise like roads or perhaps noisy neighbors. This means that you should avoid rooms that share walls with noisy people living in the apartment next to you as well as those where the noise might be coming from the ceiling if the tenants above produce heavy traffic in that area.
Furthermore, you should consider how much noise you yourself will be introducing to the baby’s room. Try to pick a room that offers a good compromise between not being too close to any room where you might be producing noise and letting you reach the baby’s room in as short of a timeframe as possible.
You can also look to reduce noise by strategically placing the baby’s crib in the quietest spot in the room, generally as far away from noisy walls or perhaps slamming doors as possible. All of these steps will minimize the chances that your baby will prematurely wake up from its sleep, quickly and loudly letting you know that it is unhappy.
If all else fails, you can turn to sound insulation on the walls in order to combat the noise by preventing it from ever entering the baby’s room. This is usually a last resort when decorating the baby’s room as it can be expensive and involve a good deal of additional effort. Only parents who are unable to provide the baby with a quiet enough room due to their home’s location tend to turn to this option. If you are among this group, be mindful of the type of insulation you are choosing as some types might also filter out your baby’s cries, meaning you will need to have a baby monitor with you at all times.
Your baby should never be exposed to any unnecessary noise during its development. It will not only put it under constant distress but also prevent it from developing properly as peaceful and undisturbed sleep is one of the key needs for babies to thrive.

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