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Benefits of rug pads

When you purchase new rugs floor your home, one of the things that you should never forget to buy is are rug pads. A rug pad is usually placed beneath the floor and of course it is very unlikely that anyone will see it. However, you should invest in one because there are several benefits that come with it. Below are some benefits of rug pads;

1) Increases your rug’s lifespan

Using a rug pad helps a lot in lengthening the lifespan of your rug. This is because, it helps in reducing wear & tear on your rug. It does not only protect the rug but also the floor and therefore investing in one is really worth it

2) Breathing space


Rug pads also help in creating a breathing space for air to pass through the rug. This ensures that there is good aeration between the rug and the floor. Additionally, it also aerates the room and therefore you can be sure to breath in fresh air. Note that, without a rug pad, bacteria and mold can easily build up beneath the rug due to the temperature and moisture in the living room.

3) Comfort

Rug pads are also great in creating some comfort on your floor and making your living room more appealing .Every time you walk or stand on a rug with a rug pad beneath it you will definitely feel the softness in it. In fact with a rag pad beneath the rug, you can even sit on it and do some yoga

4) sound reduction

Rug pads have also been proven to help in sound reduction & deadening. When you have many people in your home, there will be a lot of noise generated around the area but with a rug pad such noise is minimized.

5) Prevent slips & falls

You may have noticed that if your rug is not held by something like a large furniture or even a coffee table, one can easily slipper and even fall down. With a rug pad beneath it, the slippery aspect of your rug is completely eliminated therefore when walking on it you do not have to worry about slips or falls.

6) Prevent floor stains

imagesThe dyes and tints in a rug can easily wear off the floor. Dirt and stains can also go through the rug and when you walk on it, you can even grind such dirt into the floor. The floor may even end up losing its original color because of this. A rug pad acts as a barrier between the rug and the floor and therefore it prevents any dirt or stains from reaching the floor.


When purchasing a rug pad, do not opt for the cheaper ones. Some of the good ones are the waffle pad and the dual type rug pad which are made using natural rubber on one side and felt on the side. Rug pads that are made with latex backings or synthetic polyvinyl chloride (PVC) can cause discoloration and damage on your floor. Do not go for the cheap waffle pads and if you are looking for a thin, non-slippery pad go for a waffle pad made of natural rubber.

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