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How to choose the best color for your kid’s nursery?

Have you ever wondered about how much color you should exactly put in your nursery? How much color is perfect for proper stimulation? Well, these are some common questions that we often hear from our clients. They are mostly worried about how the color is likely to affect their baby. There has been an extensive scientific research about how colors affect infants. While no proper conclusion has been made from the debate, why not take advantage of this and incorporate it in your nursery? While your little one may not perceive all the colors properly for quite some time, but as they get older the same color is going to affect them. So here’s a list of colors and how they affect your child.

Red- This color of passion and excitement attracts a huge attention. Although it can be used as an accent, do not use it on the wall as it might invoke volatile personality traits on your child.

Orange- Orange is a quite warm, comfortable and cozy color. It is friendly, promotes conversation and is likely to help your child get rid of his inhibitions. Choose a warmer shade of orange for a cozier ambience.

Yellow- This is a lively and cheerful color but it should also be used with proper caution and warm shades of yellow might irritate your kid. Subtle yellow will promote concentration and help in developing better emotional health.

Green- Being a calm and refreshing color, green is perfect to incorporate in a learning environment. It will aid in concentration and thinking abilities.

Blue- This is an excellent color for healing and cooling a baby who is easily agitated. Gray blue makes a kid sad and warmer shades of the color should never be used around food. Subtle blue can be a perfect choice for the nurser y as it improves productivity.
Purple- Purple is a mysterious and incredibly dignified color which is mostly associated with royalty. Pastel purple can be perfect for the nursery as they calm your kid and also retain the luxurious appeal.

While- Although white is a pure and innocent color; it can also promote a kind of secretiveness. Do not go for bare white walls as splashes of color will only evoke your kid’s emotions.

Pink- This is a very loving and feminine color, particularly meant for your little girls. Pink is an excellent calming color for a child’s room who often throws fits and tantrums.

Gray- Gray is an intuitive and emotional color that motivates your child to contemplate and think about things. But do not go for too darker shades as they promote sadness. Use a warm tone with a dash of bright colors for the perfect feel.

Brown- This is an earthly and grounded color and a dark chocolate brown can be the perfect shade for the nursery. Avoid the middle shades of brown as they don’t really look good.

Black- This is an authoritative color and should be therefore used in moderation. The color is strong and perfect for rooms which have lots of natural lighting and bigger windows.
There are many ways to experiment with colors. If you’re planning to revamp a nursery, take a couple of minutes to browse through the list and choose a perfect color for your baby.

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